Create a page

  1. Click the New Page link in the menu.

  2. Type the page title. Maximum length is 256 characters, although you might want to use a shorter title to not interfere with the navigation bar. Page titles are case sensitive, all characters are allowed except angled brackets, square brackets, curly braces and pipe characters ("<>[]{}|")

  3. Press the Enter key or click the OK button.

  4. When asked if you'd like to add a link into the main menu, accept by pressing the Enter key or clicking the OK button, or refuse by clicking the Cancel button.

  5. A level one header with the title of your page will be inserted for you automatically. You can edit or delete the header if you like.

  6. Edit the contents of the main text area by typing normally.

  7. Use the editor's buttons to insert code to format the text, or type the code in manually. Note that the use of plain text doesn't require any code.

  8. Save your changes by clicking on the Save icon in the navigation bar.
An alternate method of creating a page is to type a new page title inside nested brackets. The link will be red. Click it to create the new page. Example:

Type this into a page:
[[My new page]]

To create this:

My new page