Welcome to Wiki on a Stick!

Wiki on a Stick (in short WoaS) is a wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML file. It's perfect to be used at home or at office, on your laptop or USB pen drive. It can be used as a personal notepad, calendar, repository for software documentation and for many other purposes; it allows full customization and extension by your own scripts and plugins. It also offers AES encryption of pages.


Current version is v0.11.5
Versions 0.9˜0.11.5 by Daniele C. (legolas558)
Original version (v0.01 ˜ v0.04) by André Wagner

Wiki on a Stick is licensed under the GNU/GPL license.


Wiki on a Stick can always be downloaded through the official SF.net WoaS project file download service:
Download Wiki on a Stick

Get support

You can use the official WoaS forums and the SF.net WoaS project facilities.

Thanks to

This project wouldn't be what it is without the help of other people. If you contributed to Wiki on a Stick and your name is not here (or if you do not want it to be listed here), please contact the mantainer.

How to use

Just click on the pencil icon at the top and start editing! You can also double click anywhere on the text to edit (if this option is enabled from Special::Options), and you can use the escape key to cancel editing or to go backward.

When you're done editing, click on the disk icon to save.

Unofficial mods

You might find useful some of the following work done by experienced WoaS users/developers:Note: if you want to inquire about mods, you can still contact the authors either directly or on WoaS mailing list/forums

Client and server interaction

WoaS is a client-side application, you cannot use it on a remote server; your changes will be permanent only if the file you're editing is on your own disk. The first time you run, the browser will ask for permission to save data on disk - you should grant that permission, so that the file can modify itself on your disk.


WoaS contains embedded documentation avaiable by clicking the help icon or by browsing WoaS::Help::Index. You should really read it because WoaS has a lot of features which might ease your work.
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