AES encryption

AES 256-bit high security data encryption standard is supported to protect a single page or groups of them.

WoaS has two different interfaces for encryption passwords, namely one for encryption (called Locking) and one for decryption (called Unlocking).


An interface for page encryption shows also a colored meter for estimated password quality; encryption password is not stored in your saved files (true AES encryption is used).

Info If you forget the password there is no way to retrieve it or your data.

In order to encrypt a page you will have to click on the lock icon in the navigation bar. The page locking interface will have two password boxes (the second for verification); the background color of the first box will hint about password estimated strength.

Once you've chosen and typed in your password, click the Lock button to encrypt the page.

When encrypting additional pages during a session, you'll be offered to use the same password you used to encrypt the first page. Accept by pressing the OK button or decline by pressing the Cancel button. If you decline, the password interface will open, allowing you to set a new password for the page. There is no limit to how many passwords you can use.


Click the Set password icon in the navigation bar to set the decryption password used for next page.

The password for decrypting a page (or pages) is cached so that you only need to enter it once per session. If you close or reload the wiki, you will need to reenter the password to work with the encrypted page(s). To disable the password cache, check the box for Do not temporarily cache the AES key in the wiki Options. If you've used more than one password for encrypting your pages, you'll need to enter the password to unlock each encrypted page.

Security level

Security is never absolute. Data encrypted with these pages might be compromised in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:
Apart from the above, your normal usage of encrypted pages can be considered secure.