Use consistent newlines in saved data

Forces pages to be saved using consistent newlines splitting. This is particularly useful if you use a versioning system like Subversion (SVN), git or CVS.

Double click to edit pages/menu

Allows to switch to edit mode when double-clicking the page content or menu area.

Automatically save options (if changed) before quitting

Allows option changes to be automatically saved without having to click the Save options button at the bottom of the page.

Do not temporarily cache the AES key

Clears AES key right after decryption, useful if you leave WoaS open to possible unauthorized access; will require to re-enter the decryption key each time you want to read a page.

Fixed menu area and navigation bar

Fixes the menu and navigation bar in place, while allowing the page to scroll.

Return to last saved page when quitting

Automatically opens the last saved page.

Enable cumulative save

Will save to disk only when quitting

Disallow edits (button)

Puts the wiki into server mode; users will be told that it is not possible to save their changes, but editing will be allowed for sandbox (testing) purposes.