Deprecated syntax

This page briefly summarizes WoaS deprecated syntax; the below deprecated syntax rules are still supported (unless otherwise specified), but you are invited to no more use them because they will be declared unsupported in some future release of WoaS.


Lists with '+ sign are unsupported.
+ unordered lists with + sign + unordered lists with + sign

* unordered lists with an asterisk * unordered lists with an asterisk


! headers using the exclamation mark

= header which uses the equal sign

Pre tags

<pre /> acting as nowiki blocks are unsupported. Now <pre /> tags have no special meaning and are treated as any other XHTML tag.

Pre tags acting as <pre>nowiki<pre /> blocks.

You should use {{{nowiki}}} blocks instead.


--- horizontal rulers using only 3 hyphens

---- You are invited to use at least 4 hyphens


[[Tags::some tag, some other tag]] and [[Tag::some tag]]

[[Tags::some tag|other tag|another tag]]

Inline scripts


<script type="text/javascript">...</script>

This is not enforced by WoaS wiki parser but is instead a correct XHTML practice.