General usage

Cancel any action

Cancel any action by clicking the Cancel icon in the navigation bar, clicking the Cancel button on any alert that pops up, or pressing the Esc key.

Use the Back and Forward arrow icons in the navigation bar to go back or forward one page, the Main Page icon in the navigation bar to return to the Main page, or click the buttons and links in the menu and wiki pages.

Pages linking to the current page

Click the Backlinks link in the menu to see which pages link to the page you currently have open.

Click the Print icon in the navigation bar. A new browser window will open with a printer-friendly version of the main text area. Use the browser's print functions to print the page.


This wiki accepts plain text, WoaS wiki syntax and XHTML. See the Syntax section of the Help index by clicking the Help icon in the navigation bar for help with using the syntax in your pages.

Info WoaS syntax is partially compatible with Creole 0.1 syntax.