Supported Browsers

Wiki on a Stick is actively supported on the following browsers:
* On IE7-IE8 you might want to rename your application to .hta to enable its trusted privileges.



original text by J.Ruston, 13 August 2007 (created 21 August 2006)
modified by Daniele C. on 29 September 2007

The TiddlySaver Java applet allows Wiki on a Stick from a file:// URL to save changes when using Safari, Opera and other Java-enabled browsers.

The Java applet "TiddlySaver.jar", a very small file, must be placed in the same directory as your WoaS file. In order to use it you will need to give it the necessary privileges by editing your .java.policy file.

For Windows, the file will be at C:\Documents and Settings\your-user-name\.java.policy. Add the following lines (substituting the directory as appropriate):
grant codeBase "file:${user.home}/My Documents/tiddlywiki-folder/*" { permission "${user.home}${/}My Documents${/}stickwiki-folder${/}*", "read,write"; };

On Mac OS X, the file is found at /Users/your-user-name/.java.policy:
grant codeBase "file:${user.home}/Documents/tiddlywiki-folder/*" { permission "${user.home}${/}Documents${/}stickwiki-folder${/}*", "read,write"; };

It can be tricky creating files whose name starts with a period, so you can use this pre-built .java.policy file. The same file is suitable for Macs too, just edit it and delete the "My " bit, leaving just "Documents". Make sure you save it in the right place for each operating system!

If you have trouble setting up the permissions correctly, you can try granting broader permissions to the applet like this:
grant codeBase "file://localhost/home/users/Desktop/ TiddlySaver.jar" { permission; };

The TiddlySaver java applet was written by J.Rouston.